Metro Invites FrOGS to Phase 2 of Grant Process!

Metro selected FrOGS as one of the finalists in this year’s round of grant funding. Our next meeting will be largely dedicated to planning our next steps. If you’ve been following FrOGS, now is a great time to get involved. See the page “News” for details on how, when, where, etc.


One response to “Metro Invites FrOGS to Phase 2 of Grant Process!

  1. Congrats to FROGS!

    I saw your pilot project to install a greenstreet to treat stormwater from the street AND the yard of the adjacent residence.

    I am curious how far one could go in treating stormwater from an adjacent property in a greenstreet. Obviously we want to encourage people to handle their stormwater as close to the source as possible and not to rely on public facilities including greenstreets in the public-right-of-way.

    Yet in some circumstances slope and proximity would could make treatment in the public ROW the most sensible option.

    This question came up while installing the Holman St. Greenstreet outside my place because we had a down spout from our building that drained to a very small planter right across the sidewalk from the greenstreet. See:

    If I recall, the City would not let us connect the downspout to the greenstreet because we had to infiltrate the stormwater from our roof on our property. That makes sense as a matter of fairness. Viewed as “waste” stormwater should be the responsibility of property owners to manage responsibly.

    But what if we really view stormwater as a resource… especially stormwater from a roof that might need less treatment? In our case, directing it to the adjacent greenstreet might have enhanced the streetscape more. Could we have made the greenstreet bigger to take the cleaner stormwater from our nearby roof as a resource to enhance the public ROW?

    This seems like interesting legal and policy territory for FROGS to explore.

    Anyway, sounds like a very exciting project. I’d love to learn more about what you guys are up to.

    Jim Labbe

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