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7th Ave Green Street update: Plants!

Workers from the Portland Parks department came by Portland’s newest Green Street on Wednesday, 5/21 to add some finishing touches, including plants. The Green Street’s filtration swale is planted largely with grasses and also includes ferns and Oregon grape, among others.

City workers also shaped the swale by adding river rock at the inflow to slow water velocity. Two “check damns” where also created. These low berms, constructed of clay and river rock, cut across the swale, further slowing stormwater runoff so it can better soak into the soil.


Green Streets Video

The kids from the Metropolitan Learning Center spiced up the FrOGS community meeting on Wednesday in their video about installing a bioswale at school with the help of the Community Watershed Stewardship Program. It demonstrates one of the many varied possibilities for stormwater management in our neighborhoods. We have found another short video to share with FrOGS’ members. Green Streets is about the value of biofiltration for stormwater management and shows examples of different Green Street incarnations across the city.

Watch Green Streets

Associated Project Announcement: SE Neighborhoods Asset Mapping

Some of FrOGS’ illustrious Community Development colleagues at PSU are holding an event to release the results of their exciting colloquium project, a detailed asset mapping of Portland’s Taggart Basin. This sister project of FrOGS, addresses “what neighboring organizations are doing to foster and build a vibrant community in the Southeast Portland area.” It should be good.

You can download the Taggart Basin Event Flyer.

What: SE Neighborhood’s Asset Mapping Results

When: June 5th, 7-8pm

Where: Lutheran Community Services, 605 SE 39th Ave. Portland, OR

FrOGS Meeting: Thanks to all who came!

We’re ecstatic at the level of support witnessed at last night’s FrOGS community meeting. Thanks so much to all who came. For those who couldn’t make it last night we plan to post a meeting wrap-up as well as next steps for the group soon.

If you filled out an interest card at the meeting you can expect FrOGS to contact you soon.

We received some great questions on the interest cards and on the Green Street Questions board at the meeting. We have our work cut out for us researching answers, which will also be posted here.

The initial results answer some questions we, the students, had about the project. It showed there really is great enthusiasm for this initiative in the community. There are also those ready to help lead FrOGS forward.

Thanks again for everyone’s help and support.

For those interested in a copy of the book Green Streets: Innovative solutions for stormwater and stream crossings:

You may also be interested in two other publications: Creating Livable Streets, and Trees for Green Streets, all published by Metro. One copy of each of these publications is availible free of charge to Portland metro-area residents.

To get your free copies simply stop by the Metro office, 600 NE Grand Ave. on business days between 8am and 5pm. Bring a driver’s licence or other proof of residency.

You may also email Meto at or call Linda Martin, 503-797-1843, to have the books mailed to your address.

For more information on the books check out the Metro: tools for designing streets webpage.

Join Us For the FrOGS’ Community Meeting

Please join us for a meeting on the evening of Wednesday, May 21, 2008.

What to expect:

Meet other local people excited about Green Streets

Learn more about Green Streets

Find out about Green Street funding opportunities

Learn about the possible future roles of FrOGS

Become involved!

When: Wednesday, May 21, 2008, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Where: PSU’s Urban Center Building, 2nd Floor Gallery (506 SW Mill St; entrance between Pizzacato and PSU Bookstore)

Multiple TriMet bus lines travel SW 4th and SW Broadway through PSU’s campus. If you are taking the streetcar, exit at the PSU Bookstore stop on SW 5th. There’s plenty of bike parking, too. Refreshments will be served.

We hope to see you there!

Have a question about FrOGS or the Community Meeting? Email FrOGS:

Check out the Friends of Green Streets Information Sheet. You may want share it with others you know interested in Green Streets.

NE 7th Ave update: filled and ready for planting

The new Green Street feature on NE 7th Ave is shaping up. With the asphalt gone, a new curb poured, and the swale filled with soil, it’s now easy to imagine how it will look when completed. Sustainable stormwater management practices like this swale come from a recognition of the relationship between the built and natural environments. The swale is here to work on our behalf — and looks good doing it. Next step: Plants!

NE 7th Ave Green Street update: curbs poured today

PDOT pours curb for swaleToday a Portland Department of Transportation crew poured curbs for the new Green Street; NE 7th Ave. The next and final step for the Transportation Department, backfilling the hole, is planned for completion this week. After that the Portland Parks Department can begin planting the swale.