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Then and now: NE 7th Green Street Progress

Progress continues on the new green street.  Photos from 4/22 and 4/24.


NE 7th Ave update: contruction underway

Portland Department of Transportation workers are digging up asphalt, making room for the new bioswale on NE 7th Ave. The crew plans to finish excavation today. The next step will be to pour a new curb, afterwhich filtration medium can be installed.

Portland’s newest Green Street

 width=Construction will soon begin at NE 7th Ave on what will be the newest curb extension biofiltration swale in the city.

The outline of a new curb extension for the swale is now visible on the street. The swale will be constructed upstream of the current extension on street parking under mature chestnut trees. The nearest downstream storm drain is just around the corner on the north side of Fargo Street. Check out the drawing below, provided by BES, which shows the form the finished swale will take.

Check back for new photos after construction begins. Continue reading

NE Siskiyou Green Street

NE Siskiyou bioswalesTwo curb extensions containing biofiltration swales installed at NE Siskiyou St and NE 35th Pl in 2003 are still looking great after nearly 5 years. This is the very first project in Portland combining curb extensions with landscaped swales to manage stormwater runoff on the street. According to BES the paired swales took 2 weeks to construct at a cost of $1700 $17,000.

More details are in the project summary from BES.

Green Streets

This is a place to share information among green street and swale enthusiasts in Portland, OR. Among other possible functions, it will serve as an interactive forum for Friends of Green Streets where group progress and reports are published and resources aggregated.

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