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Metro Grant Application Complete

Hi all,

Just blogging to let you know we completed our grant application with Metro. Metro (our regional government), gives out grants as part of their Nature in Neighborhoods program. We’ve asked for funding for two pilot projects, and some funds to help our FrOGS grow. You can see the site of our first proposed project below.

Actually, we are in the pre-app phase and will be informed if we can move on to the real application process soon. Stay tuned! Thanks to Mitch, Steve, and Trish for all their hard work on the application!


Pilot Project Site Visit


Measuring the new site

FrOGS visited our proposed pilot project site. You can see us here measuring the site and talking with the homeowner. This site is perfect for a Simple Green Street. We plan on putting a bioswale into the planting strip (between the curb and the sidewalk). Initially, this will treat stormwater from the yard and sidewalk, but later we will apply for a permit to cut an inlet trough the curb. This will allow stormwater from the street into the facility.

Photos from our recent visit to NE Portland, where we conducted a site assessment for our potential first Simple Green Street project.


Steve double-checking the calculations.


Amber, Cathleen and Erika


Good view of the site


Even FrOGS get thirsty!